Video: Star Wars Confessions Part I

In this video we lie to you about Star Wars historical facts, both in universe and out.

This is what happens when Randy and I are left in a room for too long. For years, we’ve played “one up” style games where we try and say the most ridiculous facts possible to one another. We logged our ridiculous facts one night after recording Now, This is Podcasting! and then we made this video.

Parts II and III will be completed and shared if anyone cares about this first one. I purposely withheld many of the best facts for the second and third videos. Because like George Lucas, I see this at a trilogy. Okay, not really. I just felt like six minutes of this was too much and breaking it up was wiser.

I have no idea if this is too silly to share or not. But we have a lot of fun making them, so that’s what matters. If you like the video, rate it on YouTube!


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