Fake: You’ll Never Work in this Town Again! Bad Robot & Abrams Confidentiality Letter to New Hires.

My twin sister, Jeremy Conrad from Now, This is Podcasting!, editor of FuriousFanBoys.com, shared this photo of a new hire memo from Bad Robot. Basically J.J. Abrams will kill you if you anything leaks out. The point is, don’t go on Tinder and reveal secrets so you can hook up with people in Abu Dhabi even if you’re an assistant director on Star Wars: Episode VII. They give you this stuff in the new hire packet, dude.

Here’s the letter new hires receive (click to read):


I’m scared and they won’t even hire me.


EDIT: Lucasfilm contacted Bad Robot and confirmed this memo is a forgery! Darkness is everywhere! Foul play is afoot!

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