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3 Star Wars Spin-offs by the end of the decade: more than one a year!

At the Disney Earnings Call today, Bob Iger briefly spoke about the Star Wars Episodes, which will be released every other year, starting in 2015 and this:

Three spin off films being targeted for Star Wars before the end of the decade, nothing more to say on these at present.

That’s huge. For starters, that’s one more than we thought we were getting (officially).

That means, it could look something like this:

2015 – Star Wars Episode VII

2016 – Spin-off

2017 – Star Wars Episode VIII

2018 – Spin-off / Spin-off?

2019 (end of the decade) – Star Wars Episode IX

2020 – Star Wars film of spin-off characters using The Avengers model?

So one year, we’ll get at least two Star Wars films if everything goes to plan. That’s so rad. The rumors so far have consisted of a Boba Fett film, a Young Han Solo film, and a Yoda film.

Thanks to Jedi News for the Bob Iger quotes!



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