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The Abu Dhabi Star Wars: Episode VII Location Might or Might Not Look Coastal.

Andrew and I talk about Star Wars a lot more than makes it on the site. Yesterday, me and my compatriot where doing some general research. Andrew pulled these two pics based on the GPS coordinates of the clapper photo announcing the start of filming. I think they’re worth sharing just to propel discussion, if nothing more.

They could just film the desert and ignore the water and it would look like Tatooine for the most part:

photo 2

Or perhaps this will be an Osasis area on Tatooine? Or maybe just a whole new planet? We’re dying to know!

photo 1

The sky doesn’t really have that Tunisia look to me, but with the gradient of colors the sky does have, it would not be hard to have it match the exact colors of Tatooine’s sky with subtle digital alteration sampled from past Tatooine photography.

What do you think? New planet or Tatooine? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


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