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This is painful. Canceling Star Wars: The Clone Wars before it was over will never sit well with us Star Wars fans. The comics will dampen the curiosity regarding to the content of Season VII and VIII, but until Lucasfilm can produce these episodes on screen, the feeling is always going to be “duuuuuuuuudee, why?” The best thing ever would be to produce the arcs stagnated over the years and release them as standalone DVD/Blu-ray/Netflix. The recent Netflix success (it was #1!) isn’t a fluke, it isn’t because people are excited for Star Wars: Episode VII. It is because fans truly love The Clone Wars.  I would love nothing more than to just move on and enjoy Star Wars Rebels (a show I will enjoy) but there’s always going to be this reason to look back because the essential episodes of Season VII and VIII weren’t completed. For all Lucasfilm and Disney has done right since teaming up, this has been their huge unforgivable mistake. I hate to say that, but it was a huge miscalculation. I hope they can atone for that better than a comic book in the future. While I appreciate the attempt to get the story out, that is far from the same. We need to see these scripts on screen one day.

Thank you Brent Friedman for doing his best to help us fans through some of the ambiguity.

Thanks to Save the Clone Wars for the heads up on a few of these tweets!