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Walker Concept Art from Star Wars Rebels!

Concept artist Pat Presley shares a really cool AT-DP piece from Star Wars Rebels on his Facebook page. 



It’s Star Wars Day and want to get everyone excited about Star Wars Rebels…I want to share something I did while I was on the show. This design was shown earlier this year at NY Comic Con and SW: Insider.
The Walker is based on the 1979 Joe Johnston’s sketch from SW:TESB. The early pass I did on the left rendering was done as I was trying to imagine how it would look in the original Trilogy, obviously it doesn’t fit the show…then the design got “stylized” on both details and overall shapes to fit the show look. Note the enlarged cockpit that gives it a more animated look as well as serving some functionality for the interior.

I had wonderful time working with the team that felt like a family than a production crew. I can’t wait to see what awesome stuff they are doing for the show…look for it coming this Fall!
Have a great May 4th.

For those that have seen this before, I apologize. But I get really jazzed when Joe Johnston work that kicked ass is realized.

Thanks to Star Wars author Adam Bray for his informative tweet about this!


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