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What the Ef? Zac Efron brags he’s in Star Wars: Episode VII?

Now, This is Podcasting! superstar, Jeremy Conrad ran a story on his blog, FURIOUS FANBOYS, about Zach Efron being in Star Wars: Episode VII. Conrad heard a tip from a source stating:

I was in New York this weekend, and at Mice and Men Zac Efron was gloating about being in Star Wars.

This comes after Efron claimed he has “irons in the fire” for a job in Star Wars: Episode VII. 

Coincidentally, I finally saw a movie with him. I think he’d be okay in a Star Wars film, honestly. But I don’t have the association of him as a teen idol or whatever that others do. He isn’t my dream cast member, but looking at who we have in the cast right now, adding Efron to it wouldn’t kill the film or anything.




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