Are they filming Chewbacca in Iceland with Stormtroopers right now?

Bleeding Cool is reporting that Gordon Rennie of 2000AD has been talking to a Star Wars second unit crew member. This person is claiming Chewbacca is being filmed in Iceland with classic Stormtroopers.

Iceland has a varied geography, however, I’m not sure jumping to location being  Hoth  is necessarily a foregone conclusion because of Iceland’s terrain.

Bleeding Cool says:

Because I kept reading about the Iceland shoot and would bring it up in pretty much every Star Wars chat I’ve had, I’ve been included in a few off-the-record conversations about the location. Nobody could go so far as to tell me which characters would turn up in the scenes, however, and it wasn’t until today that I got some idea.

The best lead on who we might see in action on Hoth is probably (and improbably) 2000AD and Warhammer alum Gordon Rennie. According to a recent Facebook update, he’s been chatting to an unnamed member of the 2nd unit team who has been shooting in Iceland and they revealed to Rennie that the scenes will feature Chewbacca and “old skool” Stormtroopers.

Iceland can look like this:


And it can look like this:

If they were going to a snow planet, wouldn’t they want to bust out the Hoth Snowtroopers? But if they’re using Stormtroopers, perhaps it is more of the green Iceland than the snowy glacial landscape? It is worth considering.

Very interesting report…

(Via Jedi News)


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