I Have a Feel About This! Segment 2: This is Madness Reflection

In the first episode of I HAVE A FEEL ABOUT THIS!, Amanda, Johnamarie, and Tracy discuss:

  • Star Wars!
  • This is Madness:’s March Madness Tournament!
  • The future of This is Madness!
  • Dopey Products!
  • Bad Star Wars gifts!

I HAVE A FEEL ABOUT THIS! is a videocast for women Star Wars fans brought to you by The show is an ongoing, hopefully never ending discussion that will be updated regularly throughout the month.

Amanda Ward is a mom and a full time Star Wars fan. She is owner of and site administrator and contributor to

Johnamarie Macias is the owner of She is a contributor to and co-host of Now, This Is Podcasting! She was recently featured on the blog.

Tracy Gardner is an M.A. student and lifelong Star Wars fan. She is a contributor to and enjoys cosplaying as Mara Jade. Tracy can be found on Instagram as @FeministNerd


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