Michael Giacchino to work alongside John Williams on Star Wars: Episode VII score?

Update from the man himself!

Original story:

AICN just ran a piece on Michael Giacchino scoring Jurassic Park. But they dropped this bomb, casually in the middle of a paragraph on their write up. They say Giachhino:

is working alongside the legendary composer on STAR WARS: EPISODE VII.

I have heard countless times Michael Giacchino was the guy that is going to take over Star Wars from John Williams when that time comes and I keep hearing he will score the spin-off films.

It isn’t ever anything very credible or when it comes from a good source, they’re always hesitant and I have decided not to run that stuff (especially after the incorrect Rebels rumor last year). My only point is, I get why AICN didn’t make it a story, I think. I think it isn’t a grounded rumor but is well placed speculation from solid sources. Or I could be wrong, maybe they have the best source and just don’t care? All I can say is we’ve heard similar talk too, but we aren’t willing to bet the farm on it.

Michael Giacchino has been rumored since J.J. Abrams came aboard seeing as how he’s Abrams’ composer and he even collaborated with John Williams on Star Tours II.

Thanks to Mark Seyb for the heads up!



Germain from /FILM wisely told us to note who wrote the story at AICN and added:


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