Rumor: Drew Struzan painting Star Wars: Episode VII Poster.

Here we go again. This one won’t die. It keeps coming back! It was said Drew Struzan was contacted early on to paint the EPVII poster, turned it down, and now the rumor is he will be doing the new poster for Star Wars: Episode VII (again). I want this to be true.

I’m told this is a done deal and something Drew is interested in doing, even though as I mentioned, he’s “technically” retired. But if you look at some of the work he’s done on the side lately, like his work on a special How to Train Your Dragon 2 poster art exclusively for Comic Con, it all makes perfect sense.

The only thing I dislike about Drew Struzan returning is he may not do them all. It would be nice if the new trilogy had one artist for all three posters to set their tone.  Having nine posters for Star Wars all done by Struzan would be great. I wonder if it is easy for him because he’s painting Ford so many times now? That said, the work he has done recently isn’t as intense as the floating heads he does for the Star Wars film posters, in my estimation. I can see rumors kicking up because he is working here and there. That said, I hope this report is accurate.

My favorite poster by Struzan is still his Back to the Future Part II poster (I love the lightning). Perhaps if he returns, my favorite will be Star Wars: Episode VII. 

(schmoesknow via Star Wars 7 News)


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