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The Salty Sea Dogs Casting Announcement is most likely a scam.

A casting announcement broke out yesterday saying they were looking for “unique faces,” “navy types,” “salty sea dogs,” and “teens over sixteen” to be extras in the new Star Wars film. I didn’t report on it because I didn’t want to participate in potentially helping lure people into a scam. First, the site in question aims to convince you to buy their e-book,  first and foremost. Secondly, it claims to be a fan site but also collects personal information like scans of your passport and other personal information.

About a year ago (February 20th, 2013 if my records are correct), the same site, operating under a slightly different URL (the old URL forwards to the new one by the way) was confirmed to be fake by Lucasfilm employees on Twitter. Large fan sites ran the casting call and then removed it because Lucasfilm confirmed it was fake as well to those sites via personal correspondence. The original casting call had bogus information about the EU we know is not true today and the information did not line up with the legitimate casting calls we received shortly afterward.

There is the smallest, slightest chance the scam site is pulling from a real casting call. I mostly doubt it and the lineage of the information is not credible to me and as I said, the original casting information they provided was entirely made up. So I am not treating this as credible at all. While certain agencies are listed in the announcement are real credible companies, my hunch is that is to mask the malicious reality of the situation.

There are also other errors such as it being “a standalone Star Wars trilogy,” which honestly doesn’t make sense as it is the continuation of the previous six film’s story. It doesn’t sound like the kind of language that would be used by “the powers that be” to me.

I’m just trying to warn you not to use the site as it could potentially cause your identity to be compromised or you might buy a worthless e-book. Be careful.


In our research we learned Casting Collective was not a part of this. This tweet confirms that. For me, that’s enough to concretely say this story by this individual is purely fraud. Casting Collective would not put out a casting call and then deny they did, that just doesn’t make sense. I’m glad Casting Collective spoke out against this individual attempting to scam innocent people with dreams of being in the next Star Wars film.


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