See my Star Wars: Episode VII Casting Announcement Tweet on “Good Morning America!”

In what amounts to probably the weirdest thing to happen since we started the blog, we had a tweet featured on Good Morning America. 

I wouldn’t have noticed but a nice man happens to have my name, saw the segment, and was like “wow, that guy has my name,” I suppose. He tweeted me and let me know. Now we follow each other and are likely to be life long friends. Shortly afterward, people started seeing the segment and recognizing me and Luke Danger in our twitter picture.

The best part? I don’t even have television. I Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBOGO, and sometimes HULU if I’m living dangerously. So I only saw photos friends like Mark Seyb posted for me.

The video:

ABC US News | ABC Business News

Well, my excitement was documented on television via me being a smartass. If someone sees Kenny Baker, tell him I’m sorry.

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