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Spin-offs: Dumb Boba Retcon Rumor Hilariously Hidalgo’d!

Our friend over at Star Wars: Prequel Trilogy on Facebook shared some of Pablo Hidalgo’s comments on Boba Fett being retconned. I laughed really hard. I miss that guy on Twitter, big time.  I was also pleased that on our podcast, our team hit those same issues as the reasons why it was loony (and we didn’t miss any either). But the sarcasm in the posts by Hidalgo are because it is such a commonsense issue.  I guess I shouldn’t congratulate myself and my fellow podcasters on just barely using our brains right. But in this business….

Anyways, Mr. Hidalgo:

“Spoiler: Boba is a clone of Jango Fett. It turns up in one of the movies.”

“There was this whole thing where he was a legitimate character with a developed back story and complex motivation that showed up on this show called Clone Wars. It was pretty neat. The guy who invented the character came up with it, which was a nice touch. I think it’s on Netflix.”

“Also – get this – there’s a version of The Empire Strikes Back (“Episode V” some call it) where they went to the trouble to make Boba Fett’s voice the same voice as the character who played his father. That was one of several clues woven into the movies that strongly suggest the movies released from 1999-2005 take place in the same universe, and if you think about it, are sort of the same story as the ones that came out earlier. It’s pretty crazy. They’re connected. Anyway, this version of it can be found on DVD and Blu-ray where such things are sold.”

“Anyway, these sorts of clues are hidden all throughout the movies. The opening crawls are actually numbers if you look at it (I = 1, II= 2/… V = 5, VI = 6). if you look at it the right way, it hints that this whole thing is meant to tie together.”

“You know, there was a post not a month ago that said what were the immovable objects in the Star Wars canon. The internet records such things.”

“Obviously I got nothing against **** (cheers!) It’s just the rebooted Fett rumor is so transparently coming from someone (not ****, in case there’s any confusion) who still has an axe to grind against the prequels. That’s where all these retcon prequel rumors come from. Don’t give ‘em any weight.”

If you are still confused as to if they are moving forward with a new Boba, and if he’s being retconned, you shouldn’t be. It shouldn’t have been confusing in the first place, but with new management, I can see how some people were worried.


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