Star Wars: Battlefront Announcement at E3?

Breathecast is reporting that the release date for Star Wars Battlefront  is coming to E3 in June, 2014 at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

In many ways, Star Wars Battlefront 3, which will be handled as a reboot of the Battlefront series and just entitled Star Wars: Battlefront will be significant in many ways. The first is that we are not getting a Star Wars: Episode VII video game. A reasonable expectation is we will see downloadable content offered from the film, allowing gamers such as ourselves to live out our favorite new Star Wars: Episode VII characters and locations. Instead of getting a really bad video game tie-in, we’ll get a great game that also lets use said content from the new Star Wars film.

The second coolest thing about the new Star Wars: Battlefront is it will feature content approved by the Lucasfilm Story Group. That means the main overreaching story happened and matters in Star Wars lore. So if you watch a film and it takes place at the same time as the game, the events happening in the larger battle will have consequences and ramifications at the same level the films, comic books, and novels do.

There has been a lot of talk about the new Star Wars novels coming down the pipeline because of their status in Star Wars canon, however, these video games are resting at the same level as everything else and also can be taken as seriously. Great games like Star Wars: The Force Unleashed were never considered canon even though at times, their story content was top tier.

The first showing of a next gen Star Wars offering will truly matter. Finally we are seeing games treated with the same love and consideration they deserve.


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