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Star Wars: Episode VII cameras roll tomorrow?



Gulf news got ahold of a claim from a source of theirs that says cameras role tomorrow, friday May 16th.

The elusive details surrounding the filming of Star Wars: Episode VII just became clearer. A person with knowledge of the film confirmed to tabloid! exclusively that filming will begin on May 16, contrary to several reports stating that it began on Tuesday.

The source added that filming would last for about two weeks, bringing the duration of the Abu Dhabi desert shoot up until the end of May.

If we’re to believe this latest rumor, it seems they will be filming for two weeks which given the past rumors of the sets being created, thats a pretty quick filming session. The schedule must be really tight and doing quick camera set ups, shots, and moving along. We already know filming is supposed to commence this month, but the question remains, when exactly? Oscar Isaac was quoted saying he starts at the end of the month. Hopefully we learn something soon. On another note, tomorrow May 16th, the same day supposedly filming is supposed to begin is the first official start of Star Wars Weekends, The world is erupting with Star Wars!


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