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FAKE: Star Wars Episode VII: Daisy Ridley doing stunts? Plus Ridley Tweets for the week!


Our friend @DaisyRidleyNews asked us if we had seen this video. We hadn’t, thanks! The person who uploaded it claims they followed someone working on the production of Star Wars: Episode VII via social media and that’s where it comes from. We have no idea if the piece of real or not. But it is clearly from a movie production. We’re just going to share this one and you can decide what it pertains to. The stunt looks like it hurts, I’m not sure they would let her do that, but then again, maybe they would.


On the flip side, the real Daisy Ridley shared this on Twitter this week:


I do have to say, I have been enjoying the balanced presentation on social media from Ridley and John Boyega. We’re getting some insight into their week without it being anything significant, yet it has been fun minutiae. Hopefully it continues.


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