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Star Wars Episode VII gives Han a stunt double!

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When Jason did his research for the Foodles and AVCO article I began to read into the stunt crew who has been listed to be on board for 2 months of the production so far. I just figured I would look at IMDb just to see who would be listed on crew out of curiosity and possibly see if any stunt crew had been added. When I looked I noticed something interesting. Reg Wayment was listed under the “Stunts” department who has done great work on Thor: The Dark World, The Dark Knight Series and Skyfall to name a few. The interesting part was that he is listed as “Stunt Double: Harrison Ford“.

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Granted IMDb isn’t always the most reliable source, but I figured it was noteworthy for those who are in favor of Han Solo having a larger role in the film and possibly not playing the “Han is too old and won’t be doing too much”. Hopefully this would mean that Han will be doing some action sequences as opposed to just running and bumping into walls. So take this as you will, just wanted to point it out.


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