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Star Wars: Episode VII mysterious ‘Nexus’ character

One of our friends @AverageFilmGuy was taking a look at the Star Wars: Episode VII IMDb as I did not too long ago and granted IMDb isn’t always the best source for real information, he noticed something interesting in the listing of the cast.

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Colin Baker who has worked mainly on television and a few short films but most notably a few Doctor Who productions and is listed in the cast as a character named ‘Nexus’. This kind of raises an eyebrow. Who knows if this is real or not but are we going to potentially see a character in the up coming film named Nexus?  What do you think? As always grab the big bags of salt!


Upon doing research for this Nexus character I noticed the Episode VII page had its state of production had been updated to “Filming” from the “Pre-Production” status it was at before for some time. An hour later Bad Robot released the now famous photo of the official clapperboard letting us all know that it has indeed moved into the filming stage of production. The odd part is that it says the last time it was updated was April 7th. Could be nothing, but thought it was interesting and notable to mention.

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