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Star Wars: Episode VII News Roundup 5-27-2014

Our source known as Unsung Tipster has done some research and digging into the shooting schedule for Star Wars: Episode VII and the time frame we should expect.

First we can all remember  when Abrams was doing his press circuit for his book “S.” back in February and in an interview with Paris Match he discusses the ‘at the time’ planed filming schedule. In the last question in the interview they proceed to ask:

Are you inhabited by this project 24 hours a day?
Twenty-five hours! Shooting will begin in May and last about three months. Then there will be about a year of special effects. The key is to return to the roots of the first film, try to be more in emotion than in the explanation.


Three months is the usual time frame for a filming schedule and if I remember correctly Episode I roughly was about 3 months time of filming principal photography. With that said, next we have this article by Hitflix that comes a few days later toward the end of February when they state that filming is going to be four months time and end around the beginning of September. Considering this article comes months before the official casting announcements they speak in a way that they already knew who was returning (Hamill, Fisher, Ford) and word it “who could make a return will return” then states that while they can’t confirm it, they believe Lando is included.

Multiple sources now have confirmed for us that “Star Wars Episode VII” is set to start shooting mid-May and will run through September of this year, and most principal casting on the film is complete, with many announcements still to come. While Abrams had mentioned May during the TCA press tour and there had been speculation about the summer date, the full production schedule was finally confirmed for us.


I hear pretty much everyone who could make a return will make a return. While I haven’t had it confirmed conclusively, I think that even includes Lando.


While this is obviously before the casting announcements, we know right now they publicly haven’t announced a return of Billy D. Williams and I know almost everyone would welcome his return but who knows what tricks JJ and club have up their sleeves.

We then come to an article from the Middle Eastern production company involved with the project ‘twofour54‘ that gives us a little insight into when the first unit started moving into Abu Dhabi to begin set up for principal photography:


Director J.J. Abrams and cast flew to Abu Dhabi in early May, with the support of the Abu Dhabi Film Commission andtwofour54 intaj. Hundreds of local and international cast and crew are currently working on the production in Abu Dhabi with key production staff working closely with twofour54 intaj since January.

It seems that JJ and club began making the trek (no pun intended) to the UAE shortly after the official casting announcements were made on April 29th with what we only know so far with Daisy Ridley, John Boyega, Chloe Bruce Daisy’s stunt double, and Florian Robin another stunt double. For whom? We don’t know yet. Lastly, speaking of Chloe Bruce, she seems to have been added to the production on April 13th, and will be working until september suggesting that she has an important part to fill taking up the entire filming schedule, so says her twitter:

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 6.21.57 PM

She also seems to have made her trip to the UAE before JJ and posted the following photo to her Facebook the same day the official casting announcements were made on April 29th, 2014 with the following caption: “Chilling at the Formula 1 track in Farrari World, Abu Dhabi this week. It’s amazing here!”


She’s amazingly talented and is offering A LOT of potential to these films and we cant wait to see her in action! You should check out her talent video here! That should give you an idea of what they have hired and will be featuring in the films.   It seems principal photography in Abu Dhabi has finally wrapped up as of today, or so says Bruce’s twitter indicating she’s on her way back to London for more filming.

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 6.23.37 PM

So it looks like the time in the desert has finally began to end for our stars in the galaxy far, far way. Does this mean that our returning stars are about to be placed in front of the camera again to reprise their roles for the first time in 30 years? Thats a very safe bet.


Thanks again to Unsung Tipster for the heads up!


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