Star Wars Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Consists of 23 Episodes?

Earlier this week, I wrote about a soccer tournament currently taking place in Mexico called Copa Star Wars 2014 (Star Wars Cup 2014), which was organized by Disney to promote sports and education among children between 10 and 12.

In reading up about the event, I found an article from El Universal that had some information about Star Wars Rebels. According to Eduardo Sánchez, the senior marketing manager for The Walt Disney Company Mexico, Rebels consists of 23 episodes.

Sánchez explicó que la serie “Star Wars Rebels,” que se estrenará a finales de año, estará conformada por 23 episodios, que relatarán lo que ocurre entre el Episodio III y el IV de estos filmes, “en donde aparentemente se extinguen todos los Jedis y cómo surge la rebelión que empiezan a reclamar la libertad de la galaxia” añadió.


Sanchez explained that the “Star Wars Rebels,” which will premiere later this year, series will consist of 23 episodes, which will relate what happens between Episode III and IV of these films, “in which seemingly extinguished all Jedis and how the rebellion begin to demand freedom for the galaxy emerges,” he added.

Earlier this month, it was revealed that the series would be 16 episodes, but there has been no confirmation. Star Wars Rebels is set to debut fall 2014 on Disney XD.


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