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Star Wars Rebels Trailer Impressions!

The Star Wars Rebels trailer has just hit on the May the 4th holiday.

I really loved it. It excelled in pulling out a lot of the visuals I always dreamed of seeing in a Star Wars story without technical limitations of the past. Back in the day, shooting a Star Destroyer in the planet’s atmosphere, flying over Ezra, would have been pretty challenging to do. Now, we’re seeing those visuals and they’re more than welcome. It is also a welcome site to see Stormtroopers doing what Stormtroopers do, marching around hallways of grey and white. After twelve years of Clones, it is refreshing to get back to Stormtroopers. Sure, they lack complexity, but that’s part of their charm. Basically, Star Wars Rebels clearly nails the age of Imperialism with keen perfection in this first trailer.

I was also impressed by Ezra. He feels kind of like River Phoenix as Young Indiana Jones, always on the move, but a hair’s length away from death. It was neat to see Ezra meeting the gang he will probably be a part of for the next few years. All the characters of the starship Ghost had a chance to shine briefly in this piece. Chop was awesome, using his little droid hands to pull levers and speed around ladders in tight corridors, blasting TIE Fighters while talking trash. Sabine came off deadly with explosives and Kanan looked cool putting his lightsaber together and obviously standing up as a Jedi. Seeing more of Hera flying the ship, coupled with the WonderCon clip, we get a clear impression of the kinds of antics she’ll be up to. We have a good crew of characters, I would say.

Agent Kallus seems like a weasel. He clearly does not have a good time hunting the rebels and I have a feeling a lot of the show will be the crew outsmarting him. It also looks like our heroes might free some Wookiees! Apparently, Agent Kallus is really into oppression and putting Wookiees into slavery, which instantly makes him easy to hate in a great way. The last scene of the trailer where he calls the Inquisitor was pretty fantastic.

So who is voicing the Inquisitor? David Oyelowo? Max Von Sydow? Hopefully we find out soon. The longer it takes for the reveal, the more it appears there is some importance behind it.

I was happy the trailer was light on the Disney XD “Heeeeeyyyyy kidddsss!” kinda vibe, if you catch my drift. It was there, but it wasn’t awful. I get the impression the series won’t be so much like the marketing, which is full of stupid grins and posing. The show clearly isn’t The Clone Wars in terms of style and it isn’t fair to judge it as such. This is a whole different animal.

I like Ezra’s orange jumpsuit and the way it stands out vibrantly against the greens Zeb and Ezra wear. But I do have to admit, when he isn’t in frame, it looks a little like pond scum, dreary and ugly. But then again, sometimes that’s the Star Wars universe.


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