Two women cast in Star Wars: Episode VII, what Adam Driver is not, and Boyega on a plane!

Latino Review has some rumors for us today. They claim Boyega is on a plane right now heading to Abu Dhabi, Jarvis and Sellers have been cast, and Adam Driver is not a Solo twin. The Han Solo is going to die stuff is pretty boring honestly. If he dies in the film, cool. But the logic around so much of it is based on an inaccurate history of the issues Ford had when he requested he die.

Latino Review says:

First up – Katie Jarvis – an actress from Essex, Mia from Fishtank. If you’ve seen Fishtank, you probably think this is a cool choice. She’s a capable actress but doesn’t have a specific type of role that’s been assigned to her persona.



Second – Maisie Richardson-Sellers – we can confirm reports that Maise Richardson-Sellers has been around the Star Wars production. It’s looking like rumors from last month that the Oxford-graduate will be taking a female role might turn out to be accurate.


They also add:

That story about Adam Driver playing a Solo twin, not the villain? That’s not true. I know, we even posted it, but that’s not what is happening.

I was really shocked when Sellers wasn’t announced with the cast a few weeks back. But it looks like that is still happening? Interesting. I just hope the roles are significant and interesting. We had heard a lot about there being a woman villain in the film, so is that has any truth to it, we might see that role cast here soon, if not already.

With filming having started already, I would imagine minor casting announcements will follow as actors show up to fill in the supporting cast.



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