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VIDEO: Double from Star Wars: Episode VII’s Skills Video!

Our buddy Pete from Rebels Report gave us a cool heads up on this video of Chloe Bruce, a double for Daisy Ridley (a main character in Star Wars: Episode VII) doing some really cool skill exhibition work a few years ago. The cool part is at about 1m36s, you can see some staff work that gives off the impression she would be awesome with a double bladed lightsaber, to say the least.

Really, really cool.

I have to say, I have enjoyed the uncovering of the double/stunt people and the implications, but I found it mostly to be a given. Of course the star is going to have a double. But seeing the double in action certainly implies some of the sword work could be along the lines of the prequels, even though we’ve heard a lot to the contrary from our friends.


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