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No More Delays for the Star Wars: Episode VII Production! Release Date to Remain Firm!

Da7e at Latino Review has some interesting rumors for us today about the ramifications of Harrison Ford’s injury. Basically, according to Da7e, the film won’t be delayed because of Harrison Ford’s leg break even though J.J. Abrams and Kathleen Kennedy requested as much:

– Kathleen Kennedy and JJ Abrams want a May 4th, 2016 release date.

– Bob Iger is not giving it to them

I find it interesting that a little bit about Arndt’s draft and Kasdan has come up in the piece as well. My guess is that Kasdan is linked to the draft because he was a consultant and as a consultant, he probably got his pen in there from time to time. Da7e has some other interesting tidbits and some rants about the whole thing that may or may not be your cup of tea (especially if you love Revenge of the Sith like I do).

Germain at /FILM has some interesting analysis for us regarding the rumor. Even if you don’t buy the rumor itself, the analysis is interesting as to why it probably would not or could not happen if Abrams did request more time:

Iger also promised his shareholders a Star Wars movie in 2015. That’s important. He plans on leaving Disney in June 2016, and having Episode VII‘s full box-office gross under his belt would be a nice win for his final months at the job.

Financially, though, May vs. December seems negligible. I honestly don’t know a lot about this but Disney has quarterly reports and an annual report. A release date change will have a MASSIVE effect on quarterly earnings but not any on the annual. The company’s annual earnings are measured from September to September and both December 2015 and May 2016 will fall into the 2016 financial calendar. So while a move to May might make Disney less in the First Quarter of 2016, they’d hypothetically make that up in the Third Quarter. Whether or not one is more important than the other, I don’t know, but these are the kinds of things Iger is taking into consideration when J.J. Abrams or Kathleen Kennedy call.

I suggest reading Germain’s full write up.

The moment Ford was injured, we started hearing the film would be delayed. That was to be expected, it is sort of a reasonable fear and place to speculate from. In the days following the accident, we started to hear those rumblings from people at Pinewood. It wasn’t salacious or spectacular or anything. It was just people who work on the premises saying they didn’t see how the film could make such a big schedule change without more time and that’s a fair fear.

If the rumor is true and Abrams wanted the film pushed back further, is there a silver lining? Maybe. Star Wars films are always made under extreme pressure and deadlines. In a way, the fact that some things in the film are put together in such a strange way gives Star Wars its unique feeling, it is almost punk rock DIY in the strangest of ways. I guess what I’m saying is that Star Wars films are beautifully clumsy at times and this might be what gives Star Wars: Episode VII its unique vibe.


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