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Gossip Site Claims Harrison Ford’s Star Wars VII Injuries Worse Than Reported, Cast “Livid.”

There have been some developments on Harrison Ford’s condition since his accident a few days ago. This all might be bullshit, I’m not going to sugar coat it. Ford’s own son, Ben Ford, did make it seem like a plate and screws where going to be needed.

This is not exactly the most reputable and honorable of sources, however, Perez Hilton is claiming Harrison Ford’s injuries are worse than initially reported and the esprit de corps of the cast has been comprised by the accident. The gossip site claims Ford was injured by the door of the Millennium Falcon, something we keep hearing but feel might be to make the story more sensational.

I hate to use gossip sites for information, but I don’t think we’re going to hear anything about Ford’s condition at this time, so beggar’s can’t be choosers. Sure, I’ll look at their photos of the Falcon all day, but their words, not so much.

“We were told he had some pelvic injuries and may have had a chest X-ray. There’s talk his ankle is actually broken. And he may still be in the hospital. Everyone was thankful nothing hit Harrison’s head. It’s not known when he’ll be ready to start filming again.”

Hilton then claims the cast is angry and somewhat distrustful of the crew after the incident:
“The cast is livid. They are openly questioning the safety of sets. They’ve asked for everything to be triple-checked.”
Accidents happen on sets. Ford injured his back by herneating a disc on the set of Indiana Jones and Temple of Doom. I seem to recall Ford sustaining an arm injury on the set of Presumed Innocent as well. I can understand why the cast would hold the crew’s feet to the fire, as their lives are on the line at times, but we still don’t know the actual nature of the incident. It could have been a mechanical failure no one could have predicted.
I am going out on a limb here, but I imagine a film like Star Wars has an insane amount of insurance and that Harrison Ford has a lot of insurance floating around him as well, considering his super-stardom. That makes me think we might not get an official statement about the incident or the facts until those monetary kinks are worked out as investigations are held regarding responsibility and if there was in fact negligence involved.
We hear his wife Calista Flockhart is on her way to England right now to comfort her hubby!
If true, that does paint a slightly more serious situation. It makes it seem like he would be holed up for enough time for his wife to be with him.
On a side note, why do gossip sites always have to call a “husband” a “hubby?” Who talks like that? Famously, Harrison Ford claims George Lucas could “write this shit” but no one could speak it about Star Wars dialog. Gossip sites aren’t that far off, because I don’t believe any normal person has ever said “hubby” with a straight face.


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