Before Harrison Ford was getting “crushed” by doors, he was a grip for The Doors.

Older Star Wars fans are aware of this little piece of trivia: Harrison Ford was a grip for The Doors while making an unreleased documentary in the late sixties (1968). The unreleased documentary was to be called “Feast of our Friends.” So thankfully we live in the future and you can watch clips about it.

Obscure footage of “Harry” Ford with The Doors:

Harrison Ford talking about the experience in the late 1980s:

The point is, if touring, albeit briefly, with The Doors didn’t kill Harrison Ford, a door at Pinewood sure as hell isn’t! We hope Harrison Ford is recovering swiftly from yesterday’s set accident.

As a rock music fan and a Star Wars fan, it is awesome to see these two worlds collide for a brief moment in history.

(featured image via Absolute Harrison Ford a great Harrison Ford fansite)


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