It Belongs in a Museum! Bring the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum to Los Angeles!

There is an innitive to have the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum reside in Los Angeles.  It really makes a lot of sense to put the museum in place where the most people can experience the genuinely amazing and inspiring displays the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum has to offer. Since San Francisco decided not to embrace its heritage, putting the Museum in Los Angeles will allow students from all walks of life to experience what the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum has to offer.

As a child, I wasn’t privileged enough to attend top rated schools. My schooling was pretty bad, to be honest. I was in the Paramount Unified School District, just outside Los Angeles and the amenities were usually lacking. Unlike the vast majority of my friends, I ended up going to college and getting my M.A. I can attribute my thirst for education to two things as a child: The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the field trips to Los Angeles museums we took periodically.

The worlds George Lucas and Lucasfilm introduced me to made me want to know more about my world.  Coupled with visiting real museums and seeing real artifacts, these “things” became tangible realities and history suddenly mattered to me in a way it had not before. Everything from the artistic process to historical grounding became of interest thanks to the imaginative worlds of Lucasfilm and the realities of the museum setting itself. For this reason, I believe it is important and useful for the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum be allowed to thrive in Los Angeles. There are so many children that will have the opportunity to have their horizon brightened if something like this came to Los Angeles. I can only imagine how inspired my thirst for education would have been had the Lucas Cultural Arts Museum been there for me as a child.

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