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Don’t worry, I won’t be plugging other sites too often here. But this one is kind of a cool and special one. My best friend, since 7th grade, Randy Lo Gudice, has a video game site. You probably know him as the announcer and host of’s Now, This is Podcasting! He’s been running the blog and the podcast for a long time now. But he’s just redesigned the site and I think it looks pretty classy.

I encourage you to check it out 1985FM and follow Randy’s writings, rants, and raves on video games if you’re a gamer. His weekly podcast is also really fun, but super in depth,  and you’ll learn a lot. Jeremy Conrad from Furious Fanboys and Now, This is Podcasting! is also a regular.

For all intents and purposes, 1985fm is practically our sister site. So check it out:


I imagine as gaming moves more into the forefront with Star Wars in 2015, you’ll see a lot of cross pollination between and  I’m a gamer, but not a hardcore gamer, so when I listen, I truly learn a lot in a short amount of time. In the future, Randy is going to contribute content on gaming from a hardcore gamer’s perspective and I’ll probably contribute content to his site as a general Star Wars fan who cares about immersion, fantasy, and lore more than mechanics and other mayhem.

These guys below run Star Wars and Gaming websites. No one saw that coming:

Jason and Randy at The Phantom Menace 3D!



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