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Simon Pegg cast in a role for Star Wars: Episode VII?

 Jedi News shared a story from IGN Middle East stating that Simon Pegg is in the film:

According to our source, actor Simon Pegg, previously seen in JJ Abram’s ‘Star Trek’ series and ‘Mission Impossible 3’, is in fact playing a secret role in the film and was present on set to shoot scenes in Abu Dhabi.

Is it possible? Sure. Has Pegg worked on Star Wars before? Yep, he’s the official voice of Dengar in The Clone Wars and perhaps beyond (I’m not implying he’s playing Dengar in VII). Has he worked with J.J. Abrams before? Yep, on Star Trek and Star Trek into Darkness.

My only reservation about the possibility is that it seems like said casting would have been announced already because if he worked on the film, everything was sorted out. Perhaps his role was so minor, there was no reason to announce it?

Speculation: What if Pegg just visited the location because he has connections and he’s a huge Star Wars fan? Seems kinda crazy, but if Abrams invited you to visit, wouldn’t you?

Of course, this entire report might be inaccurate. But I have to admit, I’ve kind of expected him to turn up with some involvement eventually.


A friend from a reputable film site just told me:

Heard Pegg was visiting the set and that’s it.


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