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Spirits are high on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII despite production setback!

The esprit de corps on the set of Star Wars: Episode VII is apparently high after Harrison Ford’s injury according to a Jedi News source:

“The production was effectively in shutdown last week with the majority of cast and crew on call, but not on set. The same applies to the coming week, or at least the first half of it.”

“All the decision makers and big guns were on set and working hard to re-plan the full production, from when talent would be needed to priorities in set build, costume and effects. All department heads attended and held a number of meetings in order to put into effect a plan B to work around Ford’s time off.”

“The Star Wars crew seem in amazingly high and confident spirits and whilst there has been disruption there is no sense of panic whatsoever. In fact, I would go as far to say they seem supremely confident that they are working on and achieving great things and you would not think any setback had happened.”

I like this rumor. These are driven professionals, the best in their field or they wouldn’t be working on Star Wars: Episode VII. I believe morale was low in the days following an iconic superstar breaking his leg during the production because of a production error. Everything was set back, put on hold, halted. Everyone had to be bummed. How could they not be? It would be insane to think otherwise. However, they clearly came up with a plan, solved their issues, and everyone is facing forward and marching on with getting the movie made. That makes sense, from professionals such as those assembled to make this film.


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