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Star Wars: Boba Fett stand-alone spin-off rumors, thoughts, and opinions.

Recently there was a Hasbro leak stating the first Star Wars stand-alone spin-off film would be 2016’s Star Wars: Boba Fett followed by 2018’s Star Wars: Solo and 2020’s Star Wars: Red 5. With official channels giving no indications about these films, other than they would explore characters from the films that weren’t exactly the focus of the Skywalker Saga, it seems likely we will see a Boba Fett movie. Besides all that, a ton of rumors that have come to fruition since Disney bought the franchise said this would be the case and I see no reason to find it deeply suspect.

Dion from Star Wars Always points out that Production Weekly has listings for two films in the current issue:

“Untitled Star Wars Spinoff” (Boba Fett), “Untitled Star Wars Spinoff” (Han Solo)

What is interesting about the story for me is that this periodical is used for industry hiring. Having two spin-off films listed in the same issue almost makes it seem like the films are filming at the same time. The question for me has been, why hire and announce Gareth Edwards for a film and Josh Trank for a film if one of those films is four years from release? Why announce it to crews for hiring purposes? Is the periodical just being presumptuous or figuring one will be right so they’re just listing both?

I suppose Trank could write his film for the next year and then direct it sometime after writing it. But Trank wasn’t announced as a writer, so that’s speculative as well. Could the spin-off films film simultaneously? It doesn’t fit the announced pattern, unless that has changed. Disney expressed a desire to potentially revert back to a May release date at one point, so perhaps these films will be closer together than we expect at one point? That would still break the spin-off/episode/spin-off/episode pattern announced. This situation is confusing to say the least. The ambiguity of it all is slightly frustrating and exciting in intervals.

IMDb has the Boba Fett film listed now.

Temuera Morrison … Boba Fett

Mike Kasem

Mason Brett

Yesterday, @BobaFettFanClub pointed us towards that listing and asked our thoughts. I didn’t have a good answer because IMDb is so flimsy. I have very little passion left in me for speculating about IMDb listings because presumptuous fans update worthless info and fancasting wishes into the system too often. Might this be the first time it pays off and is actually legit? Perhaps. But as a policy, I don’t take it anymore seriously than fan speculation. What is weird are the names after Morrison’s. Kasem is a DJ, so voice work is likely and Brett is a stuntman/actor. So why mention it? I guess to just note it.

Dion speculates that:

Of course, having the older Morrison only provide the voice would preclude Fett from ever removing his helmet in the film, but I suspect that Kathleen Kennedy et al would be happy with that restriction, as it could help the character to regain some of the mystique he lost in the prequels.

He could be spot on. But I have to respectfully disagree. What happens to the character as a twelve year old boy has very little to do with the man is he in the film if it takes place five years later or thirty five years later, for that matter. I don’t see the mystique as endangered because we know he hates Jedi because they murdered his father. If you’re going to mimic Sergio Leone, for instance, you can do so in the performance, very little dialog, masked face, when not masked, cold, calculated expressions and so on.

I just don’t think you can make a movie where the main character wears a helmet the entire time and still connect with the character as a human being. Even Iron Man found a way to create the inside the helmet shots to make sure we were understanding Tony Stark’s emotion, struggle, and mood. Other films like Dredd pulled it off, but they used a side character watching Dredd the entire time to make that work (and I don’t think it would work on a huge movie for all audiences in the same way it did for Dredd’s audience).

All of this depends on when the Boba movie takes place. I still speculate that the Boba Fett film and the Han Solo film are somewhat designed to co-exist and have the opportunity for the films to intermingle a bit in the timeline, eventually pulling off an Avengers model (although Red 5 doesn’t fit that schedule, but the Netflix shows on the horizon might).

A Fett that never removes his helmet can never kiss the girl, tell Han Solo to eat Womp Rat, or play cards against Lando Calrissian without looking like a total ass.

I would like to see Daniel Logan be the face of Fett, Morrison be the voice when helmeted, and of course a team of stuntmen would do the rest.

I will say, if the droid C21 Highsinger should make it appearance (Dion suggests that perhaps he’s voicing a droid or something), it will probably be a young adult Boba film, set in the dark times. Highsinger is not only a George Lucas name, but his story idea from the ditched 1313 story was to have Highsinger betray Boba eventually, which is why we clearly don’t see him in Episode IV, V, or VI.

That said, Star Wars: The Clone Wars is unmovable canon and the voice is kind of already determined for Highsinger, unless they retcon that with a voice update for the droid or something.

I will say, a Boba Fett film excites me. Not because I’m the world’s biggest Boba fan, I’m not. Because I think this is the chance to make Boba live up to his name after 30 years. I love him in Attack of the Clones and I enjoyed his functionality in IV-VI. As a child I found his toy enthralling. I’m okay with him crawling or rocketing out of the Sarlacc, since we’re getting more Star Wars tales. But I feel like the character is more popular than his character’s performance and actions deserve. So it is time to make all that merchandise worthwhile and make Boba Fett into the rocket man he should be.


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