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Star Wars: Episode VII to feature Mandalorians and Witches?

Latino Review’s new rumors line up with some really old sequel trilogy concepts I heard from a Revenge of the Sith crew member in 2003. He was talking about how Episode III featured a sequence in which Obi-Wan Kenobi reconfigured a code to save the Jedi from the mass extermination to allow for television opportunities. All of that came to fruition. He also said Lucas reminisced where he wanted the sequel trilogy to go back when the saga was 12 parts. In 2003 he told me:

The original ending of the Return of the Jedi concept was to feature the rebels going up against the Empire for the final battle. But unbeknownst to the Empire, an army of Mandalorians show up to aid the rebels at the last moment. They want revenge for their treatment during the Clone Wars.

The big reveal of the story was that Anakin was cloned and later unfrozen by Luke Skywalker. Older Luke Skywalker and his young clone father fight the Empire and destroy it.

As The Clone Wars began to deal with Mandalorians, knowing this story, I was always looking for hints regarding that plot line being used. Some things added up and others did not. I’m not saying I expect a clone of Anakin in the film. That’s just part of the concept.

It is more or less a confirmed fact that Star Wars: Episode VII features mercenaries. The original casting call asked for a 40 year old solider/mercenary type and then later that role was expanded into two roles when the script was reworked from Micheal Arndt’s draft. This morning, Latino Review is running a story about how:

Mandalorians will make a big appearance in the upcoming sequel “Star Wars: Episode VII.”

The idea is interesting in the sense that Star Wars: The Clone Wars was laying down the basic tenants of the new lore around the Mandalorians around the time George Lucas would have progressed with his treatment. Still, it is worth noting that we left off with those people being ruled by Darth Maul. The final episodes in that line were never produced but the canonical comic adaptations of the episodes are coming out now.

Reports from set claim to have spotted some black and silver/chrome troopers. We haven’t been able to confirm if these troopers were Mandalorians or just a new group of Imperial Storm Troopers.

This adds up with some of the Gwendoline Christie rumors we have heard that she wears silver armor. However, this is where everything is getting confusing for me. When there has been talk about the black and silver troopers, they have almost always been Stormtroopers. Also, the new visor to the rumored Stormtroopers is somewhat Mandalorian-like in appearance in that it is more of a long single lens instead of a lens for each eye like the classic troopers. When you’re talking to crew members that aren’t Star Wars aficionados, these things become really difficult to pull apart.

The other interesting detail in Latino Review’s report is:

Onto the next detail, a Sith Witch/Witches are in “”Star Wars: Episode VII.”  We don’t know the name of the character(s) nor do we know if they’re loosely based on the Nightsisters of Dathomir, Dathomir of course being Darth Maul’s home world.

A part of me wonders if this is based on that bogus picture we saw from that crew member’s Instagram account that was hacked a few weeks back? Everything from that at Instagram turned out to be bogus. It would be kind of incredible if they got that detail correct. However, it should be noted, that Darth Maul and the witches of Darthomir pretty much conquer Mandalore during The Clone Wars.

This all sounds plausible because it all happened already on television, which makes it seem less plausible by the same measure. Jango and Boba Fett are not Mandalorians. I could be wrong, but it seems to me like George Lucas wanted a proud warrior race and could not reconcile someone like Boba Fett being Jabba the Hutt’s stooge with that concept, and kind of moved them apart. But then again, with The Clone Wars ravaging Mandalore, we don’t really know what happens to the culture or the warriors, including the terrorist group Death Watch.

I will say, the established look and feel of the Mandalorian ships and architecture does not align well with the sets up at Pinewood.  I haven’t heard anything about Mandalorians in Star Wars: Episode VII myself. Everything so far has come from the Latino Review side of things. A part of me wants to doubt it because I feel if there were Mandalorians or “Boba Fetts” on set at Pinewood, I think there would be more people spilling the beans on that concept, unless this is the start of it all.




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