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Reported Star Wars: Episode VII Memo Regarding Harrison Ford’s Condition.

The IMDb poster from Pinewood that has had many details about the sets correct in the past has updated with some information about a memo regarding Harrison Ford’s condition:

A memo I swiped a quick look at. Remembered it almost word for word (I really want my phone!):

With Mr Ford returning to the US for treatment, rescheduling of the AVCO shoot is necessitated. We will update regarding knock-on effects to schedules as and when necessary. No new pages.

There was something else at the bottom but I’ve forgotten it. The key thing here for anyone who knows the lingo is “no new pages”. That pleases me and I hope it remains the case.

No new pages means there will be no changes to the script. The memo is of course about rescheduling the shoot and shots that require Harrison Ford as Han Solo.

We keep hearing the movie is being delayed because of Ford’s accident. However, I don’t entirely buy it yet and this memo only points to the fact things are being rescheduled and Ford is going home to the United States. This was going to happen either way, so don’t let the rumors of the film being delayed get too much credence just yet. Although, I don’t think anyone would mind if we revert back to a May release. I’m looking forward to a Star Wars Christmas, however.

Thanks to Dion from Star Wars Always for giving us the heads up!


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