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Star Wars: Episode VII is about a search?

In the sea of “Harrison Ford is going to have his leg amputated” stories, mrbeaks at AICN dropped what he believes to be the plot of Star Wars: Episode VII: 

Han Solo is pretty much the main character of EPISODE VII, leading a galaxy-wide search party for Luke Skywalker.

I could spend all day writing about how this does or does not interface with the sea of rumors that have been swirling about Star Wars: Episode VII from the last few months. Daisy Ridley and John Boyega were said to be the only cast members on the Abu Dhabi set. The main rumors we were hearing where that Ridley’s character has been living on the planet for a very long time and leaves after the first act of the film with John Boyega’s character who actually might start off bad and turn good or used to be an imperial but is now a defector. In a way it seems weird to think she would leave the planet to help Han Solo find Luke Skywalker, but we clearly don’t have all the pieces here.

Trying to figure out the premise for Star Wars: Episode VII at this point is kind of like trying to put together a jigsaw puzzle, but you don’t have all the pieces. To make matters worse, people are handing you puzzle pieces that don’t belong to the puzzle you’re trying to put together. We’re starting to see the picture a little bit better week by week though.


Badass Digest wrote:

I had heard that Solo is the star of this Star Wars and that the old smuggler would be taking the new kids on a journey across the galaxy to find an old friend who had gone missing



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