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Star Wars: Episode VII’s Tax Breaks! Exciting! Riveting! Thrilling! Daring!

Star Wars: Episode VII’s Tax Breaks! Exciting! Riveting! Thrilling! Daring!

Yesterday was funny. Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced that the first Star Wars spin-off stand-alone film would film at Pinewood Studios. Being so steeped in Star Wars production knowledge, it actually confused me. They have the space at Pinweood for so many years (10), it was never a question in my mind if it would film somewhere else. That simply wouldn’t make any sense. That is probably why Osborne was able to share that information as if it was a “thing” to people not following the production of the film and why StarWars.com didn’t follow up with a press release with said information. It was an announcement for general audiences and more specifically for the community that will directly profit from the job creation in said market. 

Jedi News shared a story about it with an interesting quote about the tax breaks the Star Wars productions are getting for working at Pinewood:

A Treasury spokesman said the UK gives 25% tax relief on the first £20m of qualifying film expenditure, and 20% thereafter.

No, this update is not from the opening crawl of The Phantom Menace, I swear.  However, this information isn’t altogether unlike what we heard about Abu Dhabi and filming.

I have all the confidence in the world around the choices being made. But clearly, finances matter. Choosing one location over another is dictated by the bottomline to an extent. Before we start to clamor about this being a bad sign, remember that this means they can do more shooting there. That means more reshoots and time can be spent at those locations if need be. It could mean more money for puppets, monsters, spaceships, and cinnamon buns.

Kathleen Kennedy, President of Lucasfilm praised the crew:

 “The UK crew that we’re working with on Star Wars: Episode VII is incredible.

“They’re among the most gifted and passionate when it comes to film and storytelling. Star Wars couldn’t be in better hands.”

I find all of this esoteric information fascinating. That said, unless they start making a lot of Star Wars films at the same time, we can expect them all to film at Pinewood for roughly the next decade. Lets all laugh when we repeat this update for Star Wars: Episode VIII. 


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