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Star Wars Rebels to Premiere in October & French Teaser Translation!

Rebels Transmission has a translation of the recent Star Wars Rebels teaser from France. It confirms the series will premiere in October, the projected month we assumed it would premiere in (although we hoped for earlier admittedly). This information is from the recent teaser that confirmed Obi-Wan Kenobi has a cameo via hologram in the series.

Here is the text thanks to Rebels Transmission:

Voiceover: ” A legendary saga, a frightening empire…”

Agent Kallus: ” Please, pardon this intrusion, great Inquisitor”

Voiceover ” A new generation of heroes”

Obi Wan: ” May the Force be with you”

Voiceover: ” In October”

Ezra: ” Who are you exactly ?”

Sabine: “We’re a team, a family”

Voiceover: ” Discover the Force”

Kanan: ” Right now!”

Voiceover: ” Fight the Empire”

You can view the teaser from yesterday here.


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