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Star Wars: Underworld Would Have Featured How Han Met Chewie & Lando Losing the Falcon

Star Wars: Underworld was going to feature episodes on how Han Solo and Chewbacca met one another. There was going to be a sequence about how Lando lost the Falcon to Han Solo. There was going to be a Boba Fett rocket pack sequence. The series was going to start out with a new take on Star Wars and then loop back around and bring in all the characters we’ve loved for years into the fold. Another heart breaking story about the loss of this television.

All we can hope for is that the great bits of these episodes are expanded into feature Star Wars stand-alone spin-offs.

This is all for a Kickstarter by a writer from the Star Wars: Underworld on Indiana Jones. See Stephen Scaia tell you in his own words about his experience as a writer on Star Wars: Underworld:

Thanks to our buddy @jrtschopp for the heads up!


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