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Unverified Rumor Regarding Star Wars: Episode VII Sets at Pinewood Studios.

There was an interesting post at the JC about potential sets built at Pinewood Studios. Unfortunately, I can’t locate the original IMDB posts to verify it, so if you can help us find it, that would be neat. Make sure you don’t put too much into this at this juncture because it is extremely unverifiable at this moment.

The gist of the rumor is that there was a posting at IMDB in which a person  claimed to have been on various sets at Pinewood Studios. They supposedly adequately described a set at Pinewood that was recently leaked in a photograph depicting Tatooine on the Pinewood backlot. Because of this, it means their other details that may have some merit.

The interior soundstage sets are said to include:

  • An icy planet that was very much like Hoth but was impossible to tell for sure. They claimed this set would connect with exterior location shooting in Iceland.

  • A location with lots of trees but did not look like Endor or Kashyyyk.

  • There was also a massive Imperial Docking Bay built.

The final one kind of lines up with the TMZ photos we saw that appeared to have some qualities not unlike what is described as a potential “imperial docking bay.” None of it is “smoking gun” solid, even if the posting at IMDB is found. None the less,  it is interesting rumor. Hopefully the thread at IMDB can be found and our community can make better sense of it all.

Edit: Thanks to Corvax855

The post has been located:

It’s a fact, whether you believe it or not, that there is a huge Imperial set built at Pinewood. If you choose not to believe me, then please move on to another thread. If you are open minded enough to accept that a few people on the boards have been to or work at Pinewood, then let’s discuss…

This set is massive, about three storeys high, no blue or green screens, all built in black and chrome, with platforms and gantries etc.. I can’t imagine it’s anything other than an Imperial set. Now, I personally feel it’s likely there will be remnants of the Empire scattered around, but I have no idea how much power they might have, or indeed whether they’re actually a new Imperial presence as opposed to what’s left of the old one.

So, how much do you think we’ll see of Imperials? How much do you want to see them? Personally, I would sell my grandmother to see Snowtroopers again. And there is an ice planet set… very possibly Hoth.

Second post:

 We’re not allowed to carry phones on the lot, so unfortunately there’s no way to take a pic. And everyone on the lot has been warned in very strong terms not to do so.

The thing about the Imperial set is that it’s totally pristine. It didn’t look abandoned or un-maintained for 30 years. It really got my curiosity up, more than the others. The Tatooine set is great, but it is what it is, looks like Tatooine. The Hoth set (if it is Hoth and not another ice planet) was also great, has a crashed ship in the snow, and the tree dwelling was also interesting because what I saw didn’t look like either Endor/Ewok or Kashyyyk. Not unless they’re reimagining Kashyyyk, which I would welcome. I’m hoping that it’s Yavin IV. That I would love.

So clearly, this doesn’t link his words to the TMZ photos and it doesn’t really give any details about the Tatooine set or anything to link it to that photo. So we will just have to chalk it up to information that’s out there that might not be true or might be true. The information is still interesting, and hopefully we can get a nod about the authenticity of this information soon.


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