Vans X Star Wars Classic A New Hope Slip-on Photos and Review.

Today I finally decided to get a pair of Vans X Star Wars Collection slip-ons. Well, I actually decided to get them a few weeks ago, but being a size 13 can make it hard to find shoes in my size on a whim. There isn’t much to say about the comfort of the shoes themselves, they’re slip-on Vans, they’re very comfortable, especially compared to my Chuck Taylor Converse I generally wear.

I was pleasantly surprised by the box in which the shoes came. The box is high quality and has the artwork from the shoes on them. Even the paper inside is adorned with Star Wars logos as you can see in the slide show below. I am honestly pretty jazzed by the box and I look forward to using it to store my old tapes in it, just a bonus if you ask me.

The shoes were $60, which is about $20 more than I’m used to spending on non-business attire. But since they’re Star Wars I was okay with making the exception. I tried on the other designs but they felt too loud, and felt kinda like clown shoes on my giant feet. I felt like the A New Hope shoes worked okay with black pants, which is what I generally wear.

I like to celebrate my love of Star Wars, but I don’t really like to over do it. I felt comfortable in the shoes like they weren’t too loud. They’re clearly Star Wars but at the same time they’re a bit subtle (especially compared to the other shoes in the same line). I’m not saying these are going to replace my Chuck Taylor Converse, but they’re pretty cool and I’m extremely happy with them so far.



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