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Will Digital Compositing allow Harrison Ford to appear in Star Wars: Episode VII while in recovery?

Will digital composition allow Harrison Ford to recover from his leg injury and still appear in Star Wars: Episode VII?  What are the odds this story is true? Never tell me the odds…

Hollywood Elsewhere writes:

A director friend who knows people says he’s “hearing on pretty good authority they’ll be using CGI to put Harrison Ford’s face on a body double, probably his usual stunt double, so he’ll be able to complete his Star Wars, Episode VII role no matter what the state of his recovery will be.”

The Star Wars prequels used said technology to allow an older Christopher Lee to fight like a 40 year old swordsmen and that was done after the principal photography in 2003. I would like to imagine 11 years later, the next Star Wars film can pick up where Revenge of the Sith left off and take it to the next level. I can see this kind of technology having been used on Harrison Ford’s stunt double even if he had not injured himself. Like Christopher Lee, Harrison isn’t a young man anymore. It isn’t like he would be fighting with a laser sword, however, and Ford before he broke his leg appeared to be really healthy, but I would imagine that digital “trick” still would have been utilized.

I cannot imagine this is exactly the method the production would want to use for things that were not stunts. I speculate that certain sets will have to be torn down to make room for new sets that have to be put up on the stages in question. If Ford cannot make filming on a stage set to be dismantled, that will probably allow them to continue moving forward with Ford still appearing in those sequences. However, I can’t imagine that’s the preferred method. I’m sure Ford will appear in whatever scenes he can in the coming weeks and his face, thanks to digital compositing will be used to allow Ford to run and do the things his stunt man will be performing on his behalf.

If there is any truth to this rumor, it is probably safe to say it still requires a lot of contextualization to understand their methods. They’re not just going to start pasting Ford’s face for every sequence he’s in.

If this rumor is true, everyone should take a minute and thank George Lucas for ushering in the digital revolution that is saving Star Wars films long after he’s retired.

(Via Jedi News)


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