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Boba Fett Lives! Fett did not die in Star Wars: Episode VI according to George Lucas!

Star Wars historian J.W. Rinzler did a Reddit Ask Me Anything today. In it he dropped this when asked about the fate of Boba Fett:

Yes, he does. I have been in meetings with George where he confirms that Fett survived. If it comes from George then it’s true!

Well that is good to know, going forward with post Return of the Jedi stories. Boba is out there. He does survive. The death on screen was always ill fitting. George Lucas was under a lot of stress with his marriage rocky when he was pressured to move on with the story development, he decided to just throw him in the pit and get past it. He didn’t have the patience to deal with this minor problem The Empire Strikes Back had left him with. It clearly wasn’t sound reasoning on his part and that’s understandable in that context of his personal life.

Now, the death is just a cliffhanger moment for Fett. I know Star Wars Legends fans have enjoyed the character living on since Dark Empire. But now we have the canonical statement from Rinzler that Lucas says he survives, which is huge. We saw the Emperor reborn in Dark Empire. Lucas scoffed and said in his story, the Emperor doesn’t come back, Luke doesn’t get married, and so on. Well that always put Fett in a precarious position, does he live on as far as Lucas is concerned? Well, we finally know the answer to that.

This is a really great thing for Star Wars in print and film. It means we can now have that movie, Netflix special mini-series, or canonical novel, where Boba crawls out and gets himself back together again. The problem it poses: why doesn’t Fett attempt to get revenge on the Skywalkers afterward? Sure, they can reconcile. But not with Harrison Ford, Carrie Fisher, and Mark Hamill acting in the film. But it does open up a lot for animated stories and future developments outside of live action, unless they just recast the Episode IV-VI leads.

I’m far from a Boba Fett fanatic and far from a hater. I like the character. I think he has a lot of promise and untapped potential. I look forward to seeing Boba Fett fully realized in the Star Wars franchise. Who knows, maybe we’ll see him in Star Wars: Episode VII if those Mandalorian rumors pan out? The future is a blank page for Star Wars and that’s exciting stuff.

(Via Furious Fanboys)

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