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Details on Boyega, Christie and that Star Wars: Episode VII hand rumor

This should begin to clear things up A BIT and maybe start to clear the air in the fury of the latest ‘hand’ rumor, as well as some other character details that build upon whats been previously said before.

Latino Review has recently posted an article about Star Wars: Episode VII and Star Wars Rebels. According to LR, they back up the John Boyega being a stormtrooper and that he has chosen his lightsaber hilt (I have always dreamed of the day of picking my own hilt but then again I’m not in Star Wars). We have heard from a few sources that they have seen Boyega on and off set using and practicing with a lightsaber. A stormtrooper who eventually uses a lightsaber…its not clear as to if he had defected at the point of using the lightsaber yet but thats an awesome image that sounds familiar ;).

They go on to say that This Is Infamous talked to their source said that the lightsaber is what is key here (even though they think its Luke’s Bespin saber. I’m not even going to begin on how that is supposed to work. I personally think thats a miscalculation):

My sources indicate that the hand is a bit too gruesome of an image to kick off the new trilogy of films with, but Luke’s lightsaber that would have been set free from Cloud City as he was released into dangling from its weather vain will be there front and center.

From there, it will be discovered in the desert – most certainly NOT Tattoine as I was told – by some sort of non-human, alien creature, much like the Jawas came across a pair of droids back at the front end of A NEW HOPE. From there, it will quickly come into the hands of John Boyega, who will in fact be a Stormtrooper… or at least WAS a Stormtrooper before the defeat of the Empire… and Daisy Ridley’ character, who still remains mysterious in nature. That will set in motion some events that will bring about a search for Luke Skywalker, who has essentially fallen off the grid, unseen by all, since the Rebel Aliance’s victory, but the lightsaber is by no means the main piece of STAR WARS: EPISODE VII that drives the story. As it was explained to me, it is more of a through-line of the Skywalker legacy that connects the prequels to the Original Trilogy to this new trilogy. Imagine you would saw the prequels first. When Obi-Wan presents Anakin’s lightsaber to his son, that’s some pretty cool connective tissue. That’s the spirit in which this detail exists, so those of you crying over EPISODE VII being the return of Luke’s hand, take a deep breath and calm down. That’s not the case.

Badass Digest has updated their story about Gwendoline Christie and she apparently has been spotted training with a lightsaber:

UPDATE: I’m have new info that puts things in new perspectives. She’s definitely hunting Boyega. I think she’s an Imperial officer, but I got one more piece of information that puts everything in a new light:


The actress has been training with a lightsaber.

Could she be an Imperial officer who has a lightsaber? Or is it something more? I’m hearing the S word.

I think it would be pretty interesting to see an Imperial Officer with a lightsaber, but hey! A guy can hope can’t he? Seeing Boyega and Christie battle it out with some lightsabers would be awesome. So hopefully that clears some things up a bit for people and calms the storm.


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