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Doctor Who’s Steven Moffat will be working on a new Star Wars film?

UPDATE 7/10/14

Steven Moffat’s wife apparently thinks the rumor is completely untrue. It is safe to say his wife would know and unless there’s some history of unfounded denials from his wife, we should probably just consider the rumor as having not panned out:

Original Story: 7/9/14

Jedi News is hearing Steven Moffat has been offered a Star Wars film in the future.

We’re hearing rumblings in the Force that Doctor Who showrunner Steven Moffat has been linked to a future Star Wars movie.

With Rian Johnson supposedly writing and directing Star Wars: Episode VIII and writing IX, my guess is this is for a stand-alone spin-off film. However, that has yet to be formally announced through official channels.

People confirmed to be writing spin-offs:

  • Simon Kinberg
  • Lawrence Kasdan
  • Gary Whitta

We could speculate that Kasdan dropped out of his spin-off when he took over writing duties on Star Wars: Episode VII with J.J. Abrams. I wonder if there’s a chance Moffat is moving into Kasdan’s old spot on one of the spin-off films? If not, it means he is doing Star Wars: Episode IX or there’s another spin-off coming! Disney has said they were floored by the ravenous appetite for more Star Wars films. Might there be even more on the way? My guess, if the rumor pans out, is that Moffat is simply taking the Kasdan position on a film.

I like Moffat’s “fairy tale” sort of writing on Doctor Who, but I do not think he hit the beats as well as Russel T. Davies who would not even meet with George Lucas to discuss a Star Wars Live Action Television Series that would be Star Wars: Underworld. I do think Moffat’s take on Star Wars would be interesting to see unfold. I do think Tumblr will riot, however.



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