Star Wars Rebels

A Familiar Face in Star Wars Rebels?

The WolfPack Podcast recently tweeted out some intriguing information surrounding Star Wars Rebels. It looks like Bail Organa, the senator from Alderaan, will make an appearance in the upcoming animated series. Though, no word on how extensive his role will be. Organa was also in Star Wars: The Clone Wars, where he accompanied Senator Amidala on diplomatic missions from time to time. With a sleeker and smoother design, we can safely say this is definitely “Rebels Organa,” as previously seen with “Rebels Obi-Wan Kenobi” from the Hasbro figure line.

Personally, I’m not surprised to see Organa out and about. He is a senator, and one of his many duties includes collaborating with others from various governments. If we see him, though, could we expect a young Leia Organa to appear, as well? Even a mention would set this fangirl flailing all over the place, to be honest.

In addition to Organa, we also have Rebels C-3PO and R2-D2. We previously saw them mentioned in a toy figure line along with the Darth Vader mask earlier this year, as reported by Jedi News. According to the excerpt from Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide, Bail Organa lends his two droids to Governor Pryce on Lothal. The Visual Guide is set to be released on July 21, but you can order it now on Amazon.


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