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John Jackson Miller, author of the upcoming Star Wars novel A New Dawn, just tweeted the following:

The free sample, hitting digital shelves on July 15th, will include previews of A New Dawn, Tarkin, Heir to the Jedi, and Lords of the Sith.

A full hard copy edition of A New Dawn (also containing previews of Tarkin, Heir, & Lords) being released at San Diego Comic Con later this month is what pushed the sampler, a past SDCC staple, to the digital realm, according to Miller.

This is really good news for us fans, namely those of us who won’t be able to make it to SDCC this year. Though I’d love to get my hands on an advanced copy of A New Dawn, this sampler is the next best thing. Prime your Kindles (or Kindle apps), and get ready for the new age of Star Wars Expanded Universe!