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IMDb has more Star Wars: Episode VII actors listed we can not take seriously.

I hate to have a snide tone, but IMDb has Star Wars: Episode VII listings up again.

Sayed Kassem, Neil Bishop, Billy James Machin, and Carlos Pires are listed in various roles. The first red flag is that the roles have generic titles attached to them. No one else has their general roles listed, why these ones? It is probably a coincidence, but the Boba Fett spin-off film has Mike Kassem listed (son of the popular radio personality). There’s probably no connection, but I had to check. This has now happened several times and nothing has come to fruition yet. So far this has all been a waste of time. I wish IMDb could not be changed by anyone.

Just a few weeks back Daisy Ridley’s IMDb listing had “Jaina Solo” as her character’s name which has since been removed:

Sayed Kassem

Will this be the one time it actually ends up being true? I’m curious if the men all have something in common, like representation? It is very bizarre to see all these names put up randomly. We’re showing you and discussing this in case this is the one random time IMDb listings are correct.

Thanks to Alex for the heads up yesterday about this story.



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