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Star Wars Rebels: The Inquisitor’s Agenda

On July 17th, EW.com released an introduction video of the Inquisitor (you can watch it down at the end of this post), and with it some intriguing new information was revealed. That information, combined with some tidbits I found in the Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide, have given rise to some new questions and speculation concerning the Inquisitor’s future plans, and whether or not he intends to always remain subservient to the Sith.

Let’s begin with what we already know to be fact. The Inquisitor, according to the Visual Guide, “exists only to serve the dark side and the Emperor.” He is described as a “shadowy menace with a single purpose: to hunt down and destroy Jedi.” This fellow was created to be scary. His Pau’an background gives him a preference for dwelling in darkness and eating raw meat (yes, really; like I said, he was created to be scary). The red markings on his skull are dark-side tattoos. He’s two meters tall, which is equivalent to well over six feet. And he carries a double-bladed lightsaber that contains a spinning disk in the center, so that he can form “a terrifying wall of energy” with the rotating red laser swords.


In other words, you don’t want to mess with this guy.

But what’s even more fascinating to me, aside from his obvious Jedi-hunting skills and his imposing appearance, is that the most dangerous weapon at his disposal is not his Force sensitivity, nor is it his deadly lightsaber. Rather, his most dangerous weapon is his “cold. calculating mind.” Able to siphon information out of his victims like a vampire sucks out blood, yet all the while looking dapper in his elegant armor, he comes off as an “educated, sophisticated villain,” someone that Dave Filoni thinks is “always dangerous.”

Another interesting factoid about the Inquisitor: he apparently has excellent control of his dark emotions. According to Pablo Hidalgo in the introduction video, “He [the Inquisitor] doesn’t get angry. His intensity is based upon the intensity of the purpose, the assignment.” So he’s definitely focused, but he’s not temperamental, like some Sith are. He does “tap into the dark side” (Hidalgo), but the words “tapping,” with regards to the Force, and “sophisticated” tell me that he probably doesn’t use the Force brutishly or dramatically (no slamming people around all the time with the Force, no “kill first, ask questions later” mentality). With a lightsaber, though, he’s a very formidable opponent, able to recognize Jedi fighting styles and even what mentor a Jedi had (wonder if that’s how we’ll find out who Kanan Jarrus’s master was, in the showdown between him and the Inquisitor). Of course, with a double-bladed, spinning lightsaber, you’d have to be quite skilled, in order that you not cut your own legs off.

Now, let’s get to the really speculative stuff. All of the Inquisitor’s characteristics (his fearsome appearance, his intellect, his status as a hunter) combined give me a couple of ideas as to what his future agenda might be. After all, why would a being of his talents want to exist solely to serve the Emperor for the rest of his life? Which brings me to

Idea #1: The Inquisitor is biding his time, training and learning even more about lightsaber combat & the Force in order that he might depose Darth Vader and take his place as the Emperor’s Sith apprentice. Eventually, he would depose the Emperor, and become the reigning Lord of the Sith.

There’s only one reason I don’t find this first speculation as attractive as the second one, and that is: if the Inquisitor doesn’t get angry, if he only “taps” into the dark side of the Force, why would he want to become a Sith at all, much less the reigning Lord of the Sith? If he’s intelligent and calculating, surely he would see the folly of living a life filled with passion and anger, as Sith are apt to do. Not only that, but he would know that if he carried on the Rule of Two, his apprentice would eventually come to kill him. Granted, every Sith knows that, and maybe they each come to accept it, because it’s the “will of the Force.” But if you don’t really rely on the Force very much, that wouldn’t be much of a comfort. The point is, if he’s really as smart as we’re being led to believe he is, I don’t think he’d want to become a Sith, at least not the traditional anger-driven kind. Plus, given how little he chooses (at least, I’m guessing it’s his choice) to use the Force, I doubt he’d think it wise to go head to heads with Vader & the Emperor. This particular train of thought leads me to

Idea #2: The Inquisitor is biding his time, waiting to form a new order of Force sensitives that may be loosely based off the Sith, but not a carbon copy of it.

I like this idea, mainly because I think it fits with what we know about the character so far. It also fits with the idea that a being of such skill and talents would have ambition, some hope of advancement of some form or another. And because he’s very intellectual and cunning, if he were to have gigantic ambitions (like, becoming Emperor), he would be well-equipped to come up with well-thought out plans to achieve said ambitions. Meanwhile, he’s being patient, killing off any potential threats (Jedi Masters, light side Force users), possibly trying to recruit a few of them (Kanan and/or Ezra? In the Visual Guide, Kanan is quoted as saying, “I’m not making deals with you [the Inquisitor].” A deal, as in, an offer to join forces to defeat Vader & Sidious? Time will tell), and learning their secrets, so that he can rally a force to destroy the Sith, when the time is right. Who knows, with enough years, he might have become powerful enough to defeat them. Luke Skywalker taking care of the Sith before the Inquisitor could would’ve just been a bonus, and would also have cleared the way for the Inquisitor (the third most powerful Force user in the Empire, as far as we know) to take the title of Emperor and use his intellect and cunning for activities they’re well suited for: the conquering of a rebellion, both militarily and politically, and the continuation of the formation of his own personal order of Force users (the rumored Jedi Hunters, perhaps) on the side. And this, as you have pretty well guessed by now, could lead up to…

Star Wars VII!

Why do I think that the Inquisitor may be destined to appear on the big screen next to Luke, Leia, & Han; that he is not doomed to die an indentured servant to the Sith? Because the idea makes sense. Think about it: wouldn’t Star Wars Rebels be a great way to set-up the villain(s) in the sequel trilogy? It would save having to stop and explain where the random leader of the Empire post-Return of the Jedi came from, his relation to the Emperor, etc.

And if you don’t think that the Inquisitor would make an impressive Star Wars movie baddie, consider this: he’s only one. There could be multiple villains in the sequel trilogy. The Inquisitor may be the leader of the Empire, or of the “Jedi Hunters” rumored to be in Star Wars VII, but there may also be another, more dangerous antagonist biding his time, waiting for the right moment to strike….

All that said, I think now would be a good time for me to issue a statement: This is all speculation. None of this is based off of any secret information that I’ve apprehended. These are my ideas, based off of what I know to be facts (from the introduction video, the Star Wars Rebels Visual Guide, the casting announcements from Lucasfilm, and confirmed rumors). Take everything you have read, except for the facts, with a grain of sand. Keep in mind that he may be defeated by Kanan and/or Ezra in Star Wars Rebels. If nothing else, I hope this post gives everyone something entertaining to think about. After all, Star Wars VII is less than a year and a half away!

As a side note: if I were to pick officially announced cast members as options for playing the Inquisitor in the sequel trilogy, my picks would be Pip Anderson and Max Von Sydow (given that we don’t know the canonical aging of Pau’ans, whether they age fast or slow, either actor could be a viable option). Pip’s got the physical grace of parkour to aid him in pulling off a Force sensitive and combat expert’s role, and Max Von Sydow probably has the elegance of an experienced actor that would work well for a wizened old Pau’an.

You can read the Making Star Wars confirmation of an Imperial presence in Star Wars Episode VII here.

.And here is the article containing the rumors about the “Jedi Hunters.”







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