Is this the name of the female hero of Star Wars: Episode VII?

A source named Darth Simon at the Jedi Council forums that appears to have real connections to the Star Wars: Episode VII shoot just shared some information:

Here is some info from the winnebagos at the Puzzlewood shoot.

Darth Simon also says:

This is what could be the Daisy character name. And another kind of creature involved.


This is the general type of name I could see being used for a Star Wars character. I buy it as a possibility. I do wonder if they would actually use the real name on printed AVCO signs for characters they want to keep secret. So that could be a code name. But then again, it could just be that simple, really.

When asked if this is Daisy Ridley’s character he responded:

They say its most likely Daisy. But can’t as certain as with stuff before.

Thanks to Average Film Guy for the heads up!

You can read the original posting here.

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