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Order your Star Wars Rebels Books now! They’re on the horizon!

Star Wars Rebels books are upon us! Between next week and August, there’s a few Star Wars Rebels books hitting. This isn’t everything, but this is what I’m excited about right now. This will likely get updated soon as other books catch my eye.

Up first is Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide out July 21st:


My favorite of the books so far is Pablo Hidalgo’s Star Wars Rebels: A New Hero:


It should also be noted that it comes with an eBook download for free and hits August 5th.

Ezra’s Gamble by Ryder Windham tells the story of the time Bossk and Ezra crossed paths. I don’t believe this happens in the series but it is canon! This one is out August 5th:

Ezra's Gamble

Star Wars Rebels: Rise of the Rebels by Michael Kogge tells the story of the first episode of Star Wars Rebels.

Rise of the Rebels

Star Wars Rebels: Rebel Adventures Sticker Book which has an Amazon date of August 1st:


Another Pablo Hidalgo book, Star Wars Rebels: Head to Head is out on August 26th:

Head to head

Out September 2nd is Star Wars Rebels: A New Dawn by John Jackson Miller:

A New Dawn

That’s all for now!


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